East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting 2003
Time: November 9-12, 2003
Place: ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan


Note: The presentation files are copyrighted by each author and are meant for the personal use of the participants of EAYA2003 Meeting. They may not be reproduced for other purposes without the explicit permission by the author.

Nov 9 (Sun)
10:00 AM Arrive in Tien-Lai
11:00 AM Kwok, Sun Welcome Speech
11:15 AM Kaifu, Norio Cooperations in East Asian Astronomy
12:00 PM Lunch
Stars & Solar Systems
01:30 PM Wang, Fei Lu Calculation of Stellar Radiative Opacity
01:48 PM Kim, Hwihyun Detection of Variable Stars in M67 Using BATC Image Archive
02:06 PM Kinoshita, Daisuke TNO Searches Using Subaru Telescope
02:24 PM Kim, Sujin Theoretical Investigation and Numerical Calculation
02:42 PM Coffee break & Poster session & Check in
04:00 PM Kim, Yeon-Han Solar Physics Research in Korea Astronomy Observatory
04:18 PM Higuchi, Arika Formation of the Comet Reservoir by a Planet
04:36 PM Young-Ho, Bae YSTAR-NEOPAT Program and Early Results of Asteroid Detections
04:54 PM Ding, Chen Internal Motion of Globular Cluster of Globular Cluster from HST data
05:12 PM Sekiguchi, Tomohiko Progress Report on Atacama Submillimeter Telescope Experiment (ASTE) and Applications to Thermal Observations of TNOs and Extra-Solar Kuiper Belts.
05:30 PM Coffee break & poster session
Star Formation I
05:48 PM Wu, Lingxiang Turbulent Velocity Structure in IRDCs
06:06 PM Nakazato, Takeshi Spectral Modeling of Protostars Associated with Taurus Molecular Cloud
06:24 PM Jarken, Esimbek MM Studies of Maser Sources with Low Color Association
07:00 PM Dinner (banquet)
Nov 10 (Mon)
8:30 AM Ho, Paul TBA
Star Formation II
9:30 AM Xu, Ye Parallaxes and Proper Motions of Massive Star Forming Regions: Step 1
9:48 AM Lyo, A-Ran Long-lived Disks in Pre-main Sequence Stars : Prolonging the Planet Formation Timescale
10:06 AM Sohn, Jungjoo Starless Cores In HCN(1-0) for Infall Study
10:24 AM Coffee break & poster session
11:20 AM Tanigawa, Takayuki Prediction of Observational Images and SEDs of a Protoplanetary Disk with a Growing Giant Planet
11:38 AM Allen, Anthony Molecular Cloud Collapse Leading to Star Formation
11:56 AM Liu, Sheng-Yuan Chemistry Around the Massive YSO IRAS 20126+4124
12:14 PM Ao, Yiping CO and CS observations towards Massive Dense Cores
12:40 PM Lunch
High Energy Astrophysics & Compact Objects
02:00 PM Fan, Zhong Hui Black Hole Masses and Doppler Factors of Gamma-ray Active Galactic Nuclei
02:18 PM Cai, Michael How to Raise a Hairy Baby Black Hole
02:36 PM Byun, Do-Young Molecular Line Observations of Evolved SNRs Using SRAO 6-m Telescope
02:54 PM Liu, Yi The Relation Between Narrow [OIII]5007 FWHM and Black Hole Mass in Radio Loud QSOs
03:12 PM Urata, Yuji Gamma-ray Bursts Follow-up Observation in the East Asia Region
03:30 PM Coffee break & poster session
Galaxies I
04:00 PM Kuo, Cheng-Yu HI Imaging in Seyfert Galaxies
04:18 PM Tang, Ya-Wen Search for the Trigger Mechanism of AGN Fueling
04:36 PM Matsushita, Satoki Starburst at the Molecular Superbubble in M82
04:54 PM Wang, Wei-Hao High Redshift Star Forming Galaxies in Sub-millimeter
07:00 PM Dinner
Nov 11 (Tue)
8:30 AM Hayashi, Masa TBA
Galaxies II
09:30 AM Ouchi, Masami Formation History of Galaxies and Large-Scale Structures at z=3-7 in the Subaru Deep Fields
09:48 AM Sawada-Satoh, Satoko Positional Consistency between Water Masers and P Plasma Torus in NGC1052
10:06 AM Sheen, Yun-Kyeong QSO Candidates in Leo Triplet Field
10:24 AM Coffee break & poster session
11:00 AM Ibukiyama, Akihiko A Chemodynamical Galaxy Formation Model with UV and Dust Physics
11:18 AM Hsieh, Bau-Ching RCS2: Red-sequence Cluster Survey 2
11:25 AM Yonehara, Atsunori Quasar Mesolensing as a Probe to Substructures around Galaxies
12:00 PM Lunch
Free Afternoon
06:00 PM Dinner
Galaxies II (continued)
07:30 PM Li, I-Hui The Color Properties of Galaxy Groups in Cluster Environment
07:48 PM Suda, Hiroshi Galactic Motion of Water Maser --Estimation of Galactic Constants
08:06 PM Yang, Chao-Chin Nonlinear Time Development of Gas Flow in a Spiral Field
08:24 PM Lin, Lien-Hsuan Rotation Curve vs. Central Spiral-Bar Structure in Nearby Galaxies
08:30 PM Free discussion (in the hotspring?)
Nov 12 (Wed)
08:30 AM Koo, Bon-Chul TBA
09:30 AM Qu, Yan Using a Halo Approach to Evaluate the Cross-correlation Between the SZ Map and Galaxy Survey
09:48 AM Zhu, Zong-Hong Observational Constraints on Cosmology from Modefied Friedmann Equation
10:06 AM Kakazu, Yuko Cosmic Structure in the SSA13
10:24 AM Umetsu, Keiichi Simulation of a Combined SZE and Weak Lensing Cluster Survey for AMiBA Experiment
10:42 AM Coffee & Check Out
12:00 PM Lunch
01:00 PM Shiki, Shigetomo Astrophysics in the Next Generation with Cryogenic Detectors
01:18 PM Kamohara, Ryuichi The Current Status of VERA Project and the Plan in the Future
01:36 PM Lee, Chang Won Introduction of Korean VLBI Network project
01:54 PM Kwak, Younghee A Conceptual Design of a Geodetic VLBI Antenna in Korea
02:12 PM Bak, Jih-Yong Atmospheric Extinction for Single Filter Photometry
02:30 PM Hong, Soojing The Hard X-ray Detector (HXD) onboard Astro-E2
02:48 PM Concluding Remarks
04:00 PM Back to Taipei