East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting 2003
Time: November 9-12, 2003
Place: ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan


Note: The presentation files are copyrighted by each author and are meant for the personal use of the participants of EAYA2003 Meeting. They may not be reproduced for other purposes without the explicit permission by the author.

Name Topic
Lee, Hsu-Tai Triggered and Induced Star Formation in the Orion and Monoceros Molecular Clouds
Chen, Chin-Wei Structure of Open clusters
Goto, Tomotsugu The Origin of E+A Galaxies
Sasaqui, Takahiro Reaction Sensitivity of r-Process Nucleosynthesis in Supernova
Komiya, Zen Classical Tests for Decaying Lambda Cosmologies
Nagao, Tohru Is There an ADAF in Radio Galaxies with Double-Peaked Balmer Lines?
Hanayama, Hidekazu Long-term Evolution of the Eupernova Eemnant in the Interstellar Magnetic Field
Yamazaki, Dai The Primordial Magnetic Field and Cosmic Microwave Background
Taniguchi, Masaaki The Spectroscopy of Asteroids with the Subaru Telescope
Hiraoka, Kensuke Experimental Study of Impact Cratering Formed on Simulated Icy Crust Including Soil: Image Analyses of Ejecta Velocity
Taguchi, Yusuke Evolution of Proto-Planetary Disks and the Metallicity of Pre-Main Sequence Stars
Urakawa, Seitaro A Relationship in Rotational Velocity with Planet Hosting Stars and Non-Hosting Stars
Marui, Kazuko Near-infrared Coronagraphic Image of AFGL490
Fujiwara, Hideaki Search for the Optical Transient of GRB 970411 in Cooperation between Amateurs and Professionals
Machida, Emi Detectability of the Oort Cloud Objects
Fukushi, Hinako A Seach for Lymana Emitters at z= 5.7 in a Sky Area Surrounding the SSA22 Field
Ota, Kazuaki Pilot Survey for Lyman Alpha Emitters at z=7.1
Hashimoto, Tetsuya Ionization State of the Universe at z > 6
Mayama, Satoshi Subaru Near-Infrared Coronagraphic Images of T Tauri
Li, Yang-Shyang Deep Intermediate-Band CCD Photometry of Globular Cluster M13 and Its Stellar Population
Sato, Yasuhiko Three-layer Cloud Models of Venus
Hsieh, Bau-Ching RCS2: Red-sequence Cluster Survey 2
Lin, Lien-Hsuan Rotation Curve vs. Central Spiral-Bar Structure in Nearby Galaxies