East Asian Meeting on Astronomy
Time: October 14-18, 2013
Place: Taipei, Taiwan


1F/2F, K.T.Li Library Conference Hall, National Central University
300, Jhongda Rd., Jhongli City,
Taoyuan County, Taiwan

print out the Bilingual Instructions for asking directions

Free Shuttle Bus Schedule

  Kuva Chateau > NCU NCU > Kuva
Buses arrive Kuva
to pick up guests
Buses depart for NCU
(20 minutes journey)
Buses arrive NCU
to pick up guests
Buses depart for Kuva
(20 minutes journey)
Oct. 14 08:00 08:15 18:00 18:10
Oct. 15 08:00 08:15 18:10 18:30
Oct. 16 08:00 08:15 18:20 18:40
Oct. 17 08:00 08:15 16:00 16:10
On Oct. 15 evening, buses are arranged to take all participants to Kuva Hotel for 19:00 banquet.

Accommodations for all Participants

Hotel Kuva Chateau offers a special rate for EAMA participants. Please download/sign the Reservation Form and email/fax to the hotel before Sep 20, 2013 to apply the special rate. The vacancy is limited. Please book the room as soon as possible. If you would like to stay at other hotels, the website of Tourism Bureau could be helpful for searching hotel accommodation and travel information.

Accommodations for Local Participants

提供台灣本地與會者「中大會館」住宿代訂服務。請依住宿申請表(word | pdf)上說明辦理, 並於2013年9月20日前以現金袋郵寄住宿期間全額住宿費。
We will provide assistance to book the NCU Guest House for local participants only. Please follow the procedure described in the reservation form (word | pdf) and send the full payment via post office service before Sep 20, 2013.


    若您自行開車與會 If you drive:
  1. 請先於校門口抽取停車繳費單入校,於會場報到處請工作人員蓋證明章,則停車費可享4小時30元優惠。
    Please get a ticket from the parking ticket dispensers at the Main/Rear Gate and get the stamp on the ticket at the EAMA registration desk in order to reduce the parking fee (NTD30 for 4 hours).
  2. 入校後您的愛車可停放於國鼎圖書館(會場)前的停車場,或環校道路上之停車格內。
    The closest available parking to the meeting venue is the parking lot in front of K.T.Li Library.

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