East Asian Meeting on Astronomy
Time: October 14-18, 2013
Place: Taipei, Taiwan



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Total number of abstracts: 26
Determination of electronic density from observations in the solar corona of the total solar eclipse in 2008
Lkhagvajav Ch., Batmunkh D., Nyamsuren B., Tuvshinjargal B., Dulmaa A., Mordvinov A.V., Yazev S.A.
2 Cheng CHEN
Formation of Partial Tori of Hydrogen Atoms around Host Stars of Hot Jupiters
Cheng Chen and Wing-Huen Ip
3 Ying-Tung CHEN
Discovery of a New Member of the Inner Oort Cloud from The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey
Ying-Tung Chen (NCU), J. J. Kavelaars (HIA), Stephen Gwyn (HIA), Laura Ferrarese (HIA), Patrick Cote (HIA), Andres Jordan (PUC de Chile), Vincent Suc (PUC de Chile), Jean-Charles Cuillandre (CFHT), and Wing-Huen Ip (NCU)
4 Yu-Chi CHENG
A Systematical Method to Search for Active Solar System Objects from the Pan-STARRS Postage Stamp Images
Y.-C. Cheng and W.-H. Ip
5 Hung-En HSIEH
The orbital ephemeris of the partial eclipsing X-ray binary X1822-371
Hung-En Hsieh, Yi Chou, Chin-Ping Hu, Ting-Chang Yang, Yi-Hao Su (Institute of Astronomy, National Central University, Taiwan)
6 Jen-Kai HSU
A Statistical Study of the Distribution and Dynamics of Icy Grains in the Enceladus Gas Plume by Cassini’s Ion Neutral Mass Spectrometer
Jen-Kai Hsu Institute of Space Sciences, National Central University, Taiwan
7 Chin-Ping HU
On the Evolution and Spectral Variation of QPO in RE J1034+396
Chin-Ping Hu, Yi Chou, Ting-Chang Yang, Yi-Hao Su, Hung-En Hsieh, Po-Sheng Chuang, Ching-Ping Lin
8 Juei-Hwa HU
Characterization of the Young Galactic Star Cluster Stock 2 with 2MASS, PPMXL, and Pan-STARRS Data
Juei-Hwa Hu (IANCU) Wen-Ping Chen (IANCU)
9 Chung-Kai HUANG
Identification of faint members in open cluster by Pan-STARRS and PPMXL data
Chung-Kai Huang (IANCU), Chien-Cheng Lin (IANCU), Wen-Ping Chen (IANCU)
10 Li-Ching HUANG
A Study of the Dependence of the Superflare Frequencies on the Starspots Sizes of Solar-type Stars
Li-Ching Huang, Wing-Huen Ip, and Chi-Ju Wu
11 Kihun KIM
Submillimeter Galaxies and Their Environments
Kihun Kim and Sungeun Kim (Department of Astronomy & Space Science, Sejong University, Seoul, South Korea)
12 Ian-Lin LAI
DSMC Simulations of Global and Localized Outgassing and Dust Jets of Comet
Ian-Lin Lai(NCU), Lin Tu(NCU), Wing-Huen Ip(NCU), Cheng-Chin Su(NCTU), Jong-Shinn Wu(NCTU), Ying Liao(Universität Bern),and Nicolas Thomas(Universität Bern)
13 Chien-De LEE
A Photometric and Spectroscopic Study on the Be Star CD−49 3441 with Large Near-Infrared Excess and Peculiar Variations
Chien-De Lee (Institute of Astronomy, National Central University), Frederick Walter (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook University), and Wen-Ping Chen (Institute of Astronomy, National Central University))
14 Chin-Fei LEE
Taiwan ALMA Regional Center Node (ARC node)
Chin-Fei Lee et al. (ASIAAA)
15 Tse-Lin LEE
Pattern Recognition Algorithms for Searching Merging Galaxies
Tse-Lin Lee (IANCU) and Chorng-Yuan Hwang (IANCU)
16 Chien-Cheng LIN
Search for and Characterization of Open Clusters From Pan-STARRS1 3pi Survey
Chien-Cheng Lin (NCU), Wen-Ping Chen (NCU)
17 I-Ling LIN
Preliminary Multi-bands Light Curves of Classical Cepheids from Pan-STARRS1 3π data using PSPS
I-Ling, Lin, Chow-Choong, Ngeow, Ying-Tung Chen, Jhen-Kuei, Guo, Chien-Cheng Lin (IANCU)
18 Mei-Chun LIN
The Contribution from Circumstellar Dust to the Integrated Spectral Energy Distribution of the Large Magellanic Cloud
Mei-Chun Lin (ASIAA/NTU), Ciska Kemper (ASIAA), Massimo Marengo (Iowa State University), Valsamo Antoniou (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
19 Zhong-Yi LIN
Broadband Photometry of asteroid 1998 QE2 (285263) during its closest approach of May-June 2013
Zhong-Yi Lin(1), Wing-Huen Ip(1,2), Chien-Hsien Lin(2) and Fumi Yoshida(3) 1. IANC, Taiwan. 2.Space Science Institute, MUST, Macau 3. NAOJ, Japan
20 Enkhjargal NATSAGDORJ
Current situation of Astronomical telescopes for education in Mongolia
N. Enkhjargal, R.Tsolmon, A.Dulmaa, V.Oyudari, Ch. Munkhjargal
Molecular hydrogen emission in diffuse regions of LMC
Naslim Neelamkodan (ASIAA), Ciska Kemper (ASIAA), Yao-Lun Yang (ASIAA), Karl Gordon (STScI), Oscar Morata (ASIAA)
22 Pei-Min SHEN
Measuring Rotational Speed by High-Dispersion Spectra of Classical Be Stars with Infrared Excess
Pei-Min Shen, Wen-Ping Chen, Chien-De Lee, Chien-Cheng Lin
23 Yi-Hao SU
Characterizing the Time-Frequency Properties of Quasi-Periodic Oscillations around Black Holes
Yi-Hao Su, Yi Chou, Chin-Ping Hu, Ting-Chang Yang, Hung-En Hsieh (Institute of Astronomy, National Central University, Taiwan)
24 Lingzhi WANG
Perspectives for exploring the progenitor systems of Type Ia Supernovae with the FAST
Lingzhi Wang(NAOC), Wenwu Tian (NAOC), Xiaohong Cui(NAOC), Hui Zhu(NAOC), Hongquan Su(NAOC), Dan Wu(NAOC)
25 Chi Ju WU
A Comparison of the Occurrence rates and Occurrence timing of the Solar Flares with Stellar Flares from Solar-type Stars
Wu, Chi Ju Ip, Wing-Huen Huang, Li Ching
Multi-photometric observation of sub-km Main Belt Asteroids
Fumi Yoshida (NAOJ), Edward Lin, Wing-Huen Ip (NCU), Ying-Tung Chen (ASIAA)

Oral Presentations

Total number of abstracts: 72
1 Wako AOKI
Oct 14 14:00
TMT project in Japan and prospects for collaborations in ELT era
Wako Aoki (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
2 Do-Young BYUN
Oct 16 11:20
Current Status of the KVN
Do-Young Byun (KASI)
3 Chan-Kao CHANG
Oct 16 17:40
The Asteroid Rotation Period Study Using PTF Data
Chang, Chan-Kao; Ip, Wing-Huen; Hsing-Wen Lin; Ngeow, Chow-Choong and the PTF team
4 Wen-Ping CHEN
Oct 16 10:00
Current Status of the Pan-STARRS Project and Beyond
W. P. Chen (NCU)
5 Ying CHEN
Oct 16 12:00
Cryogenic Wideband MMIC-LNA development in SHAO
6 Kyungsuk CHO
Oct 15 11:20
Recent Activities of KASI for Solar Physics
Kyung-Suk Cho, Su-Chan Bong, Eunkyung Lim, Yeon-Han Kim, and Young-Deuk Park
7 Xiaohong CUI
Oct 17 09:55
Multi-wavebands study of Supernova remnants
WenWu Tian, XiaoHong Cui, LingZhi Wang, Dan Wu, Hongquan Su, Hui Zhu (NAOC)
8 Mamoru DOI
Oct 16 09:40
The University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory (TAO) Project
Mamoru Doi for TAO project
Oct 16 11:00
An East-Asian Collaboration in VLBI Astronomy
Kenta Fujisawa, EAVN collaboration
10 Hidekazu HANAYAMA
Oct 17 15:20
Report of EAYAM: East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting
Hidekazu Hanayama (NAOJ)
11 Hirohisa HARA
Oct 15 09:20
The next-generation space solar observatory SOLAR-C
Hirohisa Hara (NAOJ) and JAXA SOLAR-C Working Group
12 Yasuhiro HASEGAWA
Oct 14 10:10
Inhomogeneities in protoplanetary disks: the observational properties of disks with inhomogeneities and the population of exoplanetary systems
Yasuhiro Hasegawa (ASIAA), Ralph Pudritz (McMaster), Sienny Shang (ASIAA), Pin-Gao Gu (ASIAA)
13 Masahiko HAYASHI
Oct 17 09:00
Status and Future Plans of the NAOJ
14 Masashi HAZUMI
Oct 15 11:00
LiteBIRD - a future satellite for the studies of B-mode polarization and Inflation from cosmic background Radiation Detection
Masashi Hazumi (KEK)
15 Naomi HIRANO
Oct 16 13:30
The latest status of the Submillimeter array (SMA)
Naomi Hirano (ASIAA)
16 Hiroyuki HIRASHITA
Oct 14 15:40
Scientific Activities Related to SKA in Taiwan
Hiroyuki Hirashita, Tzu-Ching Chang, et al. (ASIAA)
17 Paul HO
Oct 14 09:20
EACOA Status and Prospects
18 Hsihchia HSIEH
Oct 17 10:10
location the stars in n>3-dimenitions
hsihchia.hsieh(providence univ)
19 Jiasheng HUANG
Oct 15 13:30
Herschel/HST studies of ULIRGs at z~2
Jiasheng Huang NAOC/Harvard-Smithsonian
20 Narae HWANG
Oct 14 14:40
K-GMT: Korean Extremely Large Telescope Project
Narae Hwang, Byeong-Gon Park, Young-Soo Kim, In-Soo Yuk, Jae-Joon Lee, Yang-Noh Yoon (KASI)
21 Makoto INOUE
Oct 16 11:40
Greenland Telescope for submm VLBI
Makoto Inoue (ASIAA)
22 Wing-Huen IP
Oct 15 16:55
A Report on TANGO and the PTF/iPTF Project
Wing-Huen Ip and the TANGO Team
23 Woong-Seob JEONG
Oct 14 17:10
Korean Contribution to SPICA: Development of NIR Instrument, FPC
Woong-Seob Jeong, Dae-Hee Lee (KASI), Toshio Matsumoto (ASIAA, ISAS/JAXA), Kohji Tsumura (ISAS/JAXA), Myungshin Im (SNU), SPICA/FPC Team (KASI, ASIAA, SNU, KHU, ISAS/JAXA, NAOJ)
24 Yipeng JING
Oct 16 15:00
Numerical simulations of cosmic structures
Yipeng Jing
Oct 17 14:40
The Future of the JCMT: Observing the Present through the Distant Past
26 Norio KAIFU
Oct 17 15:00
Cooperation in East Asian Astronomy: Past and Future
Norio Kaifu (NAOJ)
27 Ciska KEMPER
Oct 14 16:50
The Mid-Infrared Camera and Spectrometer for SPICA: general overview and Taiwan's contribution
Ciska Kemper (ASIAA)
28 Hyosun KIM
Oct 17 10:25
Binary nature revealed in circumstellar spiral-shell patterns
Hyosun Kim (ASIAA), Ronald E. Taam (ASIAA, Northwestern), Sheng-Yuan Liu (ASIAA), I-Ta Hsieh (ASIAA)
29 Daisuke KINOSHITA
Oct 16 14:10
Synergy of wide-field cyclical surveys and 4-channel simultaneous imager "Dogioya"
Kinoshita Daisuke (National Central University), and Dogioya Development Team
30 Patrick KOCH
Oct 14 11:30
ALMA-Taiwan Activities and Science
Patrick Koch (ASIAA)
31 Chiranjib KONAR
Oct 15 14:40
Mode of accretion, Jet Dynamics and Particle Acceleration physics in radio galaxies
Chiranjib Konar, Martin Hardcastle
32 Albert KONG
Oct 15 15:40
Exploring the Gamma-ray skies with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope and the Fermi Asian Network (FAN)
Albert Kong (National Tsing Hua University)
33 Takayuki KOTANI
Oct 16 17:00
Detection and characterization of extra-solar planets by infrared radial velocity and high-contrast imaging instruments
Takayuki Kotani (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Motohide Tamura (Univ. of Tokyo), T. Matsuo (Kyoto univ.), N. Murakami (Hokkaido univ.), H. Kawahara (Univ. of Tokyo), IRD team, SEIT team
34 Mikio KURITA
Oct 16 10:40
Kyoto Univ. 3.8m New Technology Telescope
Mikio Kurita (Kyoto University), and Kyoto 3.8 m telescope project member
35 Masayuki KUZUHARA
Oct 16 17:20
Studies of Exoplanetary Systems with Subaru Telescope
Masayuki Kuzuhara (TiTECH), Motohide Tamrua (Univ. of Tokyo/NAOJ), SEEDS/HiCIAO/AO188/Subaru Team
36 Jungmi KWON
Oct 17 09:20
Infrared Polarimetric Studies toward Star and Planet Forming Regions
Jungmi Kwon (JSPS/NAOJ), Motohide Tamura (UTokyo/NAOJ), SIRPOL teams
37 Hyung Mok LEE
Oct 16 16:20
Observation of Electromagnetic Waves Associated with Gravitational Wave Events
Hyung Mok Lee (Seoul National University)
38 Di LI
Oct 15 13:50
The Transition from Atomic to Molecular ISM and Observational Opportunities in the Next 5 Years
39 Jifeng LIU
Oct 15 10:20
Studying BH/NS/WDs with LAMOST
Jifeng Liu (NAOC)
40 Hiroyuki MAEHARA
Oct 16 16:40
Superflares on solar-type stars
Hiroyuki Maehara (University of Tokyo), Takuya Shibayama (Kyoto University), Yuta Notsu (Kyoto University), Shota Notsu (Kyoto University), Satoshi Honda (University of Hyogo), Daisaku Nogami (Kyoto University), Kazunari Shibata (Kyoto University)
41 Shude MAO
Oct 14 14:20
Shude Mao
Oct 14 16:30
The next-generation Infrared Astronomy Mission SPICA
Hideo Matsuhara, Takao Nakagawa, Yasuhiro Kawakatsu, Mitsunobu Kawada (ISAS,JAXA)
43 Hironori MATSUMOTO
Oct 15 09:00
The ASTRO-H project
Hironori Mastumoto (Nagoya University)
Oct 17 10:40
CIBER: Sounding rocket experiment to observe the near-infrtared background
Toshio Matsumoto (ASIAA) and CIBER team
45 Satoshi MIYAZAKI
Oct 17 14:20
HSC and the status of Subaru Telescope
Satoshi Miyazaki (NAOJ)
46 Hiroyuki NAKANISHI
Oct 14 15:20
SKA-related activities in Japan
Hiroyuki Nakanishi (Kagoshima university) and Japan SKA consortium
47 Chow-Choong NGEOW
Oct 15 17:15
Distance Scale and Variable Stars Research at National Central University
Chow-Choong Ngeow (National Central University)
48 Nagayoshi OHASHI
Oct 17 14:00
Status of the Subaru Telescope
49 Masatoshi OHISHI
Oct 16 14:40
Data-Intensive Astronomy
50 Ashish RAJ

Ashsih Raj, D.P.K. Banerjee and N.M. Ashok Physical Research Laboratory, Navarangpura, Ahmedabad, India
51 Chang Hee REE
Oct 15 10:00
Merger signatures in cluster early-type galaxies
Chang H. Ree (KASI), GEM-DREAM collaboration (Yonsei, KASI, Carnegie, Concepcion)
52 Tsolmon RENCHIN
Oct 16 17:55
Designing Science Classroom for Astronomy in Mongolian Traditional Home
Tsolmon Renchin, Enkhjargal Natsagdorj, Dulmaa Altangerel, Otgonjargal Behbat(National University of Mongolia)
53 Andrea RICHICHI
Oct 15 17:35
Fast photometry at the Thai 2.4m telescope
Andrea Richichi (NARIT) Vik Dhillon (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom) Puji Irawati (NARIT) Saran Poshyachinda (NARIT) Agnieszka Slowikowska (University of Zielona Gora, Poland) Boonrucksar Soonthornthum (NARIT)
54 Andreas RITTER
Oct 16 14:25
The SED Machine - Fast Classification of Transient Objects
Andreas Ritter (NCU, Taiwan) Nick Konidaris (Caltech, USA) Robert Quimby (University of Tokyo, Japan) Chow Choong Ngeow (NCU, Taiwan) Sagi Ben-Ami (The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
55 Toshiyuki SASAKI
Oct 17 11:45
A China-Japan Collaborative Site Survey in west Tibet - Sky clearness at Gar/Ali, Tibet -
Toshiyuki Sasaki(NAOJ), Yongqiang Yao(NAOC), Norio Ohshima(NAOJ), Yoshitaka Mikami(NAOJ), Michitoshi Yoshida(Hiroshima Univ.), Norio Okada(NAOJ), Hisashi Koyano(NAOJ), Kazuhiro Sekiguchi(NAOJ), Liyong Liu(NAOC)
56 Shiyin SHEN
Oct 15 14:10
The statistical nature of the brightest group galaxies
Shiyin Shen, Xiaohu Yang, Houjun Mo
57 Bong Won SOHN
Oct 15 14:55
KaVA collaboration of KJ/JK joint AGN WG and K-SKA WG activities
58 Boonrucksar SOONTHORNTHUM
Oct 14 09:50
Roles of SEAAN on the Development of Astronomy in Southeast Asia
Boonrucksar Soonthornthum (National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand)
59 Rainer SPURZEM
Oct 16 15:20
Silk Road Project - an Asian and international collaboration on supercomputing and gravitational wave research
Rainer Spurzem (National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
60 Satoshi TAKITA
Oct 16 15:35
AKARI data reduction and archive project
Satoshi Takita (ISAS/JAXA) and AKARI team
61 Ya-Wen TANG
Oct 17 09:40
Polarization and Magnetic Field in Star formation
Ya-Wen Tang, Patrick M. Koch and Paul T. P. Ho
62 Ken'ichi TATEMATSU
Oct 14 11:10
The status of ALMA East Asia and the activities of East-Asian ALMA Regional Center
Ken Tatematsu (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
63 Yasunobu UCHIYAMA
Oct 15 16:20
X-ray and gamma-ray study of cosmic-ray acceleration in supernova remnants
Yasunobu Uchiyama (Rikkyo University)
64 Yuji URATA
Oct 15 16:00
Gamma-Ray Burst sciences with EA collaborations
Yuji Urata (NCU)
65 Jian-Min WANG
Oct 15 16:40
Super-Eddington accreting massive black holes
Jian-Min Wang
66 Shiang-Yu WANG
Oct 16 09:20
The status of Transneptunian Automated Occultation Survey (TAOS II)
Shiang-Yu Wang (ASIAA)
67 Yiping WANG
Oct 15 14:25
Studies on galaxy formation using high resolution deep imaging of high-z QSO fields
Yiping Wang, NAOC T. Yamada, Tohoku Uni. of Japan I. Tanaka, Subaru telescope, NAOJ M. Iye, NAOJ T. Ji, Polar research institute, China
68 Jiun-Huei Proty WU
Oct 16 13:50
An Update on AMiBA
Jiun-Huei Proty Wu and AMiBA Team
69 Ji YANG
Oct 16 09:00
The Wide Field Telescope
Ji Yang (PMO), Xianzhong Zheng (PMO), Ming Liang (PMO), Jingquan Cheng (PMO), Dazhi Yao (PMO), and Haibin Zhao (PMO)
70 Yongqiang YAO
Oct 17 11:25
Conditions and Development of Ali Site, Tibet
Yongqiang Yao National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences
71 Michitoshi YOSHIDA
Oct 17 12:05
HiNOTORI: Hiroshima 50cm telescope project in Tibet area
Michitoshi Yoshida, Yousuke Utsumi and Koji, S., Kawabata (Hiroshima University)
72 Shu ZHANG
Oct 15 11:40
Introduction on China's several space astronomical missions
Shu Zhang