East Asian Meeting on Astronomy
Time: October 14-18, 2013
Place: Taipei, Taiwan


Total number of participants: 149
1 Dulmaa ALTANGEREL National University of Mongolia
[Poster] Determination of electronic density from observations in the solar corona of the total solar eclipse in 2008
2 Wako AOKI 青木 和光 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
[Oral Presentation] TMT project in Japan and prospects for collaborations in ELT era
3 Do-Young BYUN KASI
[Oral Presentation] Current Status of the KVN
4 Chan-Kao CHANG 章展誥 Institute of Astronamy, National Central University, Taiwan
[Oral Presentation] The Asteroid Rotation Period Study Using PTF Data
5 Han-Yuan CHANG 張瀚元 Graduate Institute of Astronomy,NCU
6 Hsiang-Kuang CHANG National Tsing Hua University
7 Chang-Yao CHEN 陳長趯 Department of Physics, NCU
8 Cheng CHEN 陳徵 National Central University
[Poster] Formation of Partial Tori of Hydrogen Atoms around Host Stars of Hot Jupiters
10 Hui-Chen CHEN 陳慧真 NCU
11 I-Chenn CHEN 陳以忱 IANCU
12 Li CHEN 陈力 Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
13 Max CHEN 陳浩銘 台湾尼康精機股份有限公司
14 Ming-Tang CHEN 陳明堂 ASIAA
15 Pei-Yi CHEN 陳佩怡 non
16 Wen-Ping CHEN 陳文屏 National Central University
[Oral Presentation] Current Status of the Pan-STARRS Project and Beyond
17 Yen-Chen CHEN 陳彥蓁 NCU
18 Ying CHEN 陈莹 Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,Chinese Academy of Sciences
[Oral Presentation] Cryogenic Wideband MMIC-LNA development in SHAO
19 Ying-Tung CHEN 陳英同 ASIAA
[Poster] Discovery of a New Member of the Inner Oort Cloud from The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey
20 Yu-Chi CHENG 鄭宇棋 IANCU
[Poster] A Systematical Method to Search for Active Solar System Objects from the Pan-STARRS Postage Stamp Images
21 Kyungsuk CHO Korea Astronomy & Space Sceince Institute
[Oral Presentation] Recent Activities of KASI for Solar Physics
22 Mei-Yin CHOU 周美吟 ASIAA
23 Yi CHOU 周翊 Graduate Institute of Astropnomy, National Central University
24 Po-Sheng CHUANG 莊博昇 Gradate Institute of Astronomy,NCU
26 Xiaohong CUI National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC)
[Oral Presentation] Multi-wavebands study of Supernova remnants
27 Emerson CUZZAMU Tarlac College of Agriculture
28 Mamoru DOI 土居 守 The University of Tokyo
[Oral Presentation] The University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory (TAO) Project
29 Kenta FUJISAWA 藤沢健太 Yamaguchi University
[Oral Presentation] An East-Asian Collaboration in VLBI Astronomy
30 Hidekazu HANAYAMA 花山 秀和 NAOJ
[Oral Presentation] Report of EAYAM: East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting
31 Hirohisa HARA 原 弘久 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
[Oral Presentation] The next-generation space solar observatory SOLAR-C
[Oral Presentation] Inhomogeneities in protoplanetary disks: the observational properties of disks with inhomogeneities and the population of exoplanetary systems
33 Masahiko HAYASHI 林正彦 NAOJ
[Oral Presentation] Status and Future Plans of the NAOJ
34 Masashi HAZUMI 羽澄昌史 KEK
[Oral Presentation] LiteBIRD - a future satellite for the studies of B-mode polarization and Inflation from cosmic background Radiation Detection
35 Naomi HIRANO 平野 尚美 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] The latest status of the Submillimeter array (SMA)
36 Hiroyuki HIRASHITA 平下博之 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Scientific Activities Related to SKA in Taiwan
37 Paul HO 賀曾樸 Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics
[Oral Presentation] EACOA Status and Prospects
38 Mareki HONMA 本間希樹 NAOJ
39 Hsihchia HSIEH Providence Univ
[Oral Presentation] location the stars in n>3-dimenitions
40 Hung-En HSIEH 謝弘恩 Institute of Astronamy, National Central University
[Poster] The orbital ephemeris of the partial eclipsing X-ray binary X1822-371
41 Jen-Kai HSU Institute of Space Science, National Central University
[Poster] A Statistical Study of the Distribution and Dynamics of Icy Grains in the Enceladus Gas Plume by Cassini’s Ion Neutral Mass Spectrometer
42 Chin-Ping HU Graduate Institute of Astropnomy, National Central University
[Poster] On the Evolution and Spectral Variation of QPO in RE J1034+396
43 Juei-Hwa HU 胡瑞華 IANCU
[Poster] Characterization of the Young Galactic Star Cluster Stock 2 with 2MASS, PPMXL, and Pan-STARRS Data
44 Chia-Shiang HUANG 黃家祥 NCU
45 Chung-Kai HUANG 黃鍾凱 National Central University
[Poster] Identification of faint members in open cluster by Pan-STARRS and PPMXL data
46 Jen-Chao HUANG 黃仁昭 Institute of Astronomy, National Central University, Taiwan
47 Jiasheng HUANG 黄家声 NAOC/Harvard
[Oral Presentation] Herschel/HST studies of ULIRGs at z~2
48 Li-Ching HUANG 黃立晴 Institute of Astronomy, National Central University
[Poster] A Study of the Dependence of the Superflare Frequencies on the Starspots Sizes of Solar-type Stars
49 Po-Chieh HUANG 黃柏傑 non
50 Narae HWANG Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI)
[Oral Presentation] K-GMT: Korean Extremely Large Telescope Project
51 Makoto INOUE 井上 允 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Greenland Telescope for submm VLBI
52 Wing-Huen IP Institute of Astronomy, National Central University
[Oral Presentation] A Report on TANGO and the PTF/iPTF Project
53 Woong-Seob JEONG KASI
[Oral Presentation] Korean Contribution to SPICA: Development of NIR Instrument, FPC
54 Yipeng JING 景益鹏 Shanghai Jiaotong University/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
[Oral Presentation] Numerical simulations of cosmic structures
55 Doug JOHNSTONE Joint Astronomy Centre
[Oral Presentation] The Future of the JCMT: Observing the Present through the Distant Past
56 Norio KAIFU 海部 宣男 NAOJ
[Oral Presentation] Cooperation in East Asian Astronomy: Past and Future
[Oral Presentation] The Mid-Infrared Camera and Spectrometer for SPICA: general overview and Taiwan's contribution
58 Hyosun KIM ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Binary nature revealed in circumstellar spiral-shell patterns
59 Jongsoo KIM KASI
60 Kihun KIM Department of Astronomy & Space Science, Sejong University, Seoul/Korea
[Poster] Submillimeter Galaxies and Their Environments
61 Daisuke KINOSHITA 木下大輔 Institute of Astronomy, National Central University
[Oral Presentation] Synergy of wide-field cyclical surveys and 4-channel simultaneous imager "Dogioya"
62 Chung-Ming KO 高仲明 National Central University
63 Patrick KOCH ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] ALMA-Taiwan Activities and Science
64 Chiranjib KONAR ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Mode of accretion, Jet Dynamics and Particle Acceleration physics in radio galaxies
65 Albert KONG 江國興 National Tsing Hua University
[Oral Presentation] Exploring the Gamma-ray skies with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope and the Fermi Asian Network (FAN)
66 Takayuki KOTANI National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
[Oral Presentation] Detection and characterization of extra-solar planets by infrared radial velocity and high-contrast imaging instruments
67 Yi-Jehng KUAN 管一政 National Taiwan Normal University
68 Mikio KURITA 栗田光樹夫 Kyoto University
[Oral Presentation] Kyoto Univ. 3.8m New Technology Telescope
69 Masayuki KUZUHARA Tokyo Institute of Technology
[Oral Presentation] Studies of Exoplanetary Systems with Subaru Telescope
70 Jungmi KWON 權 靜美 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
[Oral Presentation] Infrared Polarimetric Studies toward Star and Planet Forming Regions
71 Ian-Lin LAI 賴彥霖 Institute of Space Science, National Centrial University
[Poster] DSMC Simulations of Global and Localized Outgassing and Dust Jets of Comet
72 Chien-De LEE Graduate Institute of Astronomy, National Central University
[Poster] A Photometric and Spectroscopic Study on the Be Star CD−49 3441 with Large Near-Infrared Excess and Peculiar Variations
73 Chin-Fei LEE ASIAA
[Poster] Taiwan ALMA Regional Center Node (ARC node)
74 Hyung Mok LEE Seoul National University
[Oral Presentation] Observation of Electromagnetic Waves Associated with Gravitational Wave Events
75 Tse-Lin LEE 李澤林 IANCU
[Poster] Pattern Recognition Algorithms for Searching Merging Galaxies
76 Di LI 李菂 National Astronomical Observatories of China
[Oral Presentation] The Transition from Atomic to Molecular ISM and Observational Opportunities in the Next 5 Years
77 Chien-Cheng LIN 林建爭 NCU
[Poster] Search for and Characterization of Open Clusters From Pan-STARRS1 3pi Survey
78 Ching-Ping LIN 林景評 Graduate Institute of Astronomy, NCU
79 Hung-Chin LIN 林宏欽 IANCU
80 I-Ling LIN National Central University
[Poster] Preliminary Multi-bands Light Curves of Classical Cepheids from Pan-STARRS1 3π data using PSPS
81 Mei-Chun LIN 林玫君 ASIAA
[Poster] The Contribution from Circumstellar Dust to the Integrated Spectral Energy Distribution of the Large Magellanic Cloud
82 Yen-Ting LIN ASIAA
83 Zhong-Yi LIN 林忠義 IANCU
[Poster] Broadband Photometry of asteroid 1998 QE2 (285263) during its closest approach of May-June 2013
84 Cai Pin LIU 劉彩品 Purple Mt. Observatory
85 Jifeng LIU 刘继峰 NAOC
[Oral Presentation] Studying BH/NS/WDs with LAMOST
86 Joe LIU 劉璟鴻 NCU
87 Sheng-Yuan LIU 呂聖元 ASIAA
88 Chi Chun LUNG 龍志鈞 NTNU
89 Hiroyuki MAEHARA The University of Tokyo
[Oral Presentation] Superflares on solar-type stars
90 Shude MAO NAOC
[Oral Presentation] TMT-China
91 Hideo MATSUHARA 松原英雄 Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA
[Oral Presentation] The next-generation Infrared Astronomy Mission SPICA
92 Hironori MATSUMOTO 松本 浩典 Nagoya University
[Oral Presentation] The ASTRO-H project
93 Toshio MATSUMOTO 松本敏雄 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] CIBER: Sounding rocket experiment to observe the near-infrtared background
94 Satoki MATSUSHITA 松下 聡樹 ASIAA
95 Satoshi MIYAZAKI 宮崎 聡 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
[Oral Presentation] HSC and the status of Subaru Telescope
96 Masanori NAKAMURA 中村雅徳 ASIAA
97 Hiroyuki NAKANISHI 中西 裕之 Kagoshima University
[Oral Presentation] SKA-related activities in Japan
98 Enkhjargal NATSAGDORJ National University of Mongolia
[Poster] Current situation of Astronomical telescopes for education in Mongolia
99 Naslim NEELAMKODAN ASIAA/postdoc
[Poster] Molecular hydrogen emission in diffuse regions of LMC
100 Chow-Choong NGEOW 饒兆聪 National Central University
[Oral Presentation] Distance Scale and Variable Stars Research at National Central University
102 Nagayoshi OHASHI 大橋 永芳 Subaru Telescope, NAOJ
[Oral Presentation] Status of the Subaru Telescope
103 Masatoshi OHISHI 大石雅寿 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
[Oral Presentation] Data-Intensive Astronomy
104 Youichi OHYAMA 大山陽一 ASIAA
105 Takayuki OKAMOTO 岡本直行 Nikon Glass Division
106 Wei-Hsiang PAN NCU
107 Ashish RAJ Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India
108 Chang Hee REE Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
[Oral Presentation] Merger signatures in cluster early-type galaxies
109 Tsolmon RENCHIN National University of Mongolia
[Oral Presentation] Designing Science Classroom for Astronomy in Mongolian Traditional Home
110 Andrea RICHICHI National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT)
[Oral Presentation] Fast photometry at the Thai 2.4m telescope
111 Andreas RITTER NCU
[Oral Presentation] The SED Machine - Fast Classification of Transient Objects
112 Toshiyuki SASAKI 佐佐木敏由紀 NAOJ
[Oral Presentation] A China-Japan Collaborative Site Survey in west Tibet - Sky clearness at Gar/Ali, Tibet -
113 Shuji SATO 佐藤 修二 Nagoya University
114 Hao SHAN 单昊 Xinjiang Observatory
115 Pei-Min SHEN IANCU
[Poster] Measuring Rotational Speed by High-Dispersion Spectra of Classical Be Stars with Infrared Excess
116 Shiyin SHEN 沈世银 Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
[Oral Presentation] The statistical nature of the brightest group galaxies
117 Zong-Fu SIE 謝宗富 IANCU
118 Bong Won SOHN KASI
[Oral Presentation] KaVA collaboration of KJ/JK joint AGN WG and K-SKA WG activities
119 Boonrucksar SOONTHORNTHUM National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand
[Oral Presentation] Roles of SEAAN on the Development of Astronomy in Southeast Asia
120 Rainer SPURZEM National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences
[Oral Presentation] Silk Road Project - an Asian and international collaboration on supercomputing and gravitational wave research
121 Yi-Hao SU 蘇羿豪 Institute of Astronamy, National Central University
[Poster] Characterizing the Time-Frequency Properties of Quasi-Periodic Oscillations around Black Holes
122 Wei-Hsin SUN 孫維新 National Taiwan University / National Museum of Natural Science
[Oral Presentation] AKARI data reduction and archive project
125 Ya-Wen TANG 湯雅雯 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Polarization and Magnetic Field in Star formation
126 Ken'ichi TATEMATSU 立松 健一 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
[Oral Presentation] The status of ALMA East Asia and the activities of East-Asian ALMA Regional Center
127 An-Li TSAI NCU
128 Lin TU 塗翎 Taiwan
129 Yasunobu UCHIYAMA Rikkyo University
[Oral Presentation] X-ray and gamma-ray study of cosmic-ray acceleration in supernova remnants
130 Yuji URATA 浦田裕次 NCU
[Oral Presentation] Gamma-Ray Burst sciences with EA collaborations
131 Jian-Min WANG 王建民 Institute of High Energy Physics
[Oral Presentation] Super-Eddington accreting massive black holes
132 Lingzhi WANG NAOC
[Poster] Perspectives for exploring the progenitor systems of Type Ia Supernovae with the FAST
133 Ming-Jye WANG 王明杰 ASIAA
134 Shiang-Yu WANG 王祥宇 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] The status of Transneptunian Automated Occultation Survey (TAOS II)
135 Wei-Hao WANG 王為豪 ASIAA
136 Yang-Cherng WANG 王陽澄 Nat'l Tsing Hua Univ.
137 Yiping WANG 王益萍 NAOC
[Oral Presentation] Studies on galaxy formation using high resolution deep imaging of high-z QSO fields
138 BingXun WU 吳秉勳 Graduate Institute of Astronomy, National Central University
139 Chi Ju WU 吳季儒 Institute of Space Science, NCU
[Poster] A Comparison of the Occurrence rates and Occurrence timing of the Solar Flares with Stellar Flares from Solar-type Stars
140 Jiun-Huei Proty WU 吳俊輝 National Taiwan University
[Oral Presentation] An Update on AMiBA
141 Ji YANG 杨戟 Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
[Oral Presentation] The Wide Field Telescope
142 Yongqiang YAO 姚永强 National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences
[Oral Presentation] Conditions and Development of Ali Site, Tibet
143 Fumi YOSHIDA National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
[Poster] Multi-photometric observation of sub-km Main Belt Asteroids
144 Michitoshi YOSHIDA 吉田道利 Hiroshima University
[Oral Presentation] HiNOTORI: Hiroshima 50cm telescope project in Tibet area
145 Shu ZHANG 张澍 Institute of High Energy Physics,CAS
[Oral Presentation] Introduction on China's several space astronomical missions
146 Zhi-Wei ZHANG 張智威 Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics
147 Jianhai ZHAO 趙建海 Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
148 Xianzhong ZHENG 郑宪忠 Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS
149 Zhi-xuan ZHU 朱致萱 NCU