East Asian Meeting of Astronomy 5
Time: November 13-16, 2001
Place: ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan


Purpose: To promote regional cooperations of research in astronomy and astrophysics in East Asia. To explore the possibility of forming a "Coordination Group" to coordinate the group efforts on the research cooperations, in the hope that an organization, similar to ESO, such as Pan Asian Observatory, will evolve in our regions.

Participation: Unlike the previous meetings, but in line with the first meeting (EAMA1) in Beijing, this meeting will consist of delegations from four local regions, namely, mainland China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. General participants for the sessions in Taipei are welcome and encouraged.


Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Jian-Sheng Chen (co-chair)
  • Yan Li, Ji Yang
  • Gang Zhao
  • Cai-ping Liu
  • Masa Hayashi
  • Makoto Inoue
  • Norio Kaifu (co-chair)
  • Shuji Sato
  • Se-Hyung Cho (co-chair)
  • Seungsoo Hong
  • Young Key Minn
  • Mun Suk Chun
  • Wing Ip
  • Lou-Chuang Lee
  • Fred K.Y. Lo
  • Chi Yuan (co-chair)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Minho Choi
  • Naomi Hirano
  • Lupin Lin
  • Jeremy Lim (Chair)
  • Hsiang-yu Wang
  • Jackie Wang
  • Emily Wei