East Asia Core Observatories Association (EACOA)
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10th EAMA
10th EAMA, Seoul, Korea

East Asian Meeting on Astronomy

astronomers-based cooperation in East Asia since 1990

EAMA Working Policies

  • Promote cooperation of astronomy in East Asia
  • Promote mutual understanding and exchange
  • Promote realistic and effective cooperation
  • Organize symposium regularly (once a 3years)
  • Organize working groups
  • Target: East Asian Observatory in future
2016 EAMA10, Seoul, Korea
140 attendants
2013 EAMA9 "Cooperation on Current and Future Astronomy" Jhongli, Taiwan
140 attendants
2010 EAMA8 "East Asian Network on Astronomy" Shanghai, China
100 attendants
2007 EAMA7 "East Asian Network of Astronomy: Research, Education and Popularization" Fukuoka, Japan
140 attendants
2004 EAMA6 "Asian View of Cooperation in Astronomy" Seoul, Korea
130 attendants from four core regions
EACOA and future EAO were proposed
2001 EAMA5 "EAMA Core Meeting" Taipei, Taiwan
60 attendants from four core regions
Future direction of EAMA. Formed the EAMA Coordination WG.
1999 EAMA4 "Observational Astrophysics in Asia and its Future" Yunnan, China
118 attendants from 13 Asian regions
Discussed cooperation on telescope/instruments in EA
1995 EAMA3 "Ground-Based Astronomy in Asia" Tokyo, Japan
215 attendants from 13 regions and 210 papers
Attempt to extend to other Asian regions...found it difficult
1992 EAMA2 "Millimeter-Wave and Infrared Astronomy" Daejon, Korea
100 astronomers from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, USA
Active exchange including many graduate students
1990 EAMA1 "Star Forming Regions" Huanshian, China
50 from China, 15 from Japan, 3 from Korea Awareness of importance of the cooperation in EA

EAMA Huanshian, China
1990 黄山会議, Organized by Liu Cai-pin, Norio Kaifu