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EAO Fellowships

The 2024 East Asian Observatory (EAO)
Research Fellowship Program
(February 1, 2024)


To promote East Asian regional astronomy research cooperation, the East Asian Core Observatory Association (EACOA) and The East Asian Observatory (EAO) jointly encourage and support highly qualified young researchers from all over the world to join and conduct joint research activities with colleagues at the EACOA member institutes which are Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, National Astronomical Observatories Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Purple Mountain Observatory Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The EAO Fellowship is a postdoctoral position to work at the EAO, Hilo, Hawaii, USA. One EAO Fellowship will be awarded in 2024. The Fellow is expected to spend 50% of time supporting the EAO (JCMT) operations and have the opportunity to work with colleagues at the EACOA member institutes.

The Fellowship Program is administered by the EAO and the EACOA Secretariat. Awards to support the EAO Fellows are made directly by the EAO.

I. Eligibility Requirements

  1. EAO Fellowship applicants can be of any nationality and must have obtained their PhD in Astronomy or related fields within 5 years prior to the expected start date of the fellowship.
  2. The EAO Fellow must be eligible to stay and work at the EAO, Hilo, Hawaii, USA.
  3. Applicants must have sufficient conversational ability in English to prevent difficulties during their research activities at the EAO.

II. Duration of Fellowships

The EAO Fellowship is a fixed 3-year appointment, subject to annual review.

III. Host Institution

The EAO Fellow will be located at Hilo, Hawaii, and work for EAO.

An EAO Fellow has equal access to all research facilities run by the EACOA member institutes, (subject to success of proposals for observation) and/or their archived data, e.g. 13.7m Submillimeter Telescope at PMO, ALMA, FAST, KVN, LAMOST, NEOST, SMA, Subaru Telescope, TRMT and JCMT.

IV. Application Procedure

Applications should be submitted through the on-line submission site:

The EACOA Secretariat Office cannot entertain requests for waivers of the eligibility requirements and other conditions listed in the Fellowship Announcement, and will not respond to such requests.

All application documents must be received by April 1, 2024, at the latest.

V. Application Documents

Please combine items 1-5 in the List of Application Documents - A4 in size in pdf format - into one file and submit it through the online submission site:

  • All documents must be type-written in English. Documents written in any language other than English are not accepted.
  • Submitted applications which do not contain all of the required documents will be automatically rejected.
  • The EACOA Secretariat reserves the right to request additional documents when necessary.
  • All documents received will become the property of the EACOA, and will not be returned.

After receiving the application documents, the EACOA Secretariat will send an acknowledgement to the applicants. The EACOA Secretariat will not respond to individual inquiry concerning the status/arrival of application documents.

List of Application Documents

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Brief summary of past research and/or instrumentation experiences
  3. Future research plan
    Applicant should describe this document by oneself. This should include detailed information on the purpose, objective, methodology, contents, and schedule of the proposed research program.
  4. Complete List of Publications
    This should include full details of each publication: paper title, list of authors, journal name and volume and page numbers, and year of publication. Please highlight the titles of the most important publications in red.
  5. References
    Names and contact information (i.e. e-mail addresses) of three references The reference letters should be submitted through the online the online application system by the referees themselves by the deadline of this application, April 1, 2024.

VI. Screening & Notification of the Result of Application

  1. Applications are reviewed by the EACOA Fellow Selection Committee and the EAO Director based on academic achievements and excellence of the proposed research program.
  2. The results will be sent directly to the applicants (We expect it before the end of May 2024 or earlier).
  3. On behalf of the EACOA, EAO will send a Grant Letter to the successful applicant.
  4. The EACOA and the EAO do not issue announcements concerning the screening progress, or respond to inquiries concerning the status of such applications.
  5. When the decisions of the EACOA Directors Council are announced, the EACOA and the EAO will neither announce the reasons for the decision nor respond to individual inquiry concerning results.

VII. Fellowship Stipend and Supports

The following financial support is provided to a successful applicant. Under no circumstances is any part of the fellowship transferable to any other persons or other items.

VIII. Expecting Starting Date

The fellow is expected to arrive at the EAO no later than September 1, 2024. If arriving at the host institute by the date is impossible for any reason beyond the fellow’s control such as injury or travel restrictions imposed by the government, he/she may discuss the remedy with the EAO. The possible remedy may include the delay of the arrival date or staying at the location where the fellow currently resides and yet he/she will be appointed as the fellow. The remedy is subject to the approval of the EAO and/or the EACOA Directors’ Council. The fellow is required to move to the EAO as soon as arriving there becomes possible.

    Email Address for Inquiries:
  • eaofellowship_replace2@_eaobservatory.org