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The 3rd EACOA Directorate Meeting has reached an agreement to create an EACOA Fellowship that allows young researchers to be based in multiple regions and freely access astronomical facilities in all four regions, coordinate efforts to compile the historical astronomical record in the four regions.

EACOA Fellows
photo of Huan-Yu Dr. Huan-Yu Teng
EACOA Postdoc (Oct. 2023~)
Speciality Planet formation
Host Institute NAOC
photo of Hao Ding Dr. Hao Ding
EACOA Postdoc (Oct. 2022~)
Speciality High-precision VLBI astrometry, pulsars, magnetars, X-ray binaries, Gaia
Host Institute SHAO, NAOJ
photo of Jeong-Gyu Kim Dr. Jeong-Gyu Kim
EACOA Postdoc (Oct. 2021~)
Speciality Interstellar Medium, Star Formation, Stellar Feedback, Computational Astrophysics
Host Institute KASI, NAOJ
EAO Fellows
photo of Harold Pena Dr. Harold A. Pena Herazo
EAO Postdoc (Oct. 2021~)
Speciality Active Galactic Nuclei, Seyfert Galaxies, Blazars
Host Institute EAO
photo of Junhao Liu Dr. Junhao Liu
EAO Postdoc (Jun. 2021~)
Speciality Star formation, magnetic fields, and dust polarization
Host Institute EAO
Past EACOA Fellows
photo of Anupam Bhardwaj Dr. Anupam Bhardwaj
EACOA Postdoc (Dec. 2020~Nov. 2021)
Speciality Variable star astronomy, precision cosmology
Host Institute KASI
photo of Po-Feng Wu Dr. Po-Feng Wu
EACOA Postdoc (Sep. 2019~July 31, 2022)
Speciality Galaxy evolution, extra-galactic surveys
Host Institute NAOJ, ASIAA
photo of Jongho Park Dr. Jongho Park
EACOA Postdoc (Sep. 2020~ July 15, 2022)
Speciality Jets, AGNs, black holes, VLBI, polarization
Host Institute ASIAA
photo of Ross Burns Dr. Ross Burns
EACOA Postdoc (Dec. 2018~Dec. 2021)
Speciality VLBI, star formation
Host Institute NAOJ, KASI
Dr. Siyi Feng
EACOA Postdoc (Dec. 2017~Sep. 2021)
Speciality Star Formation, Astrochemistry
Host Institute NAOJ, NAOC, ASIAA
photo of Daniel Santoso Harsono Dr. Daniel Santoso Harsono
EACOA Postdoc (Sep. 2019~Jul. 2021)
Speciality Star Formation, Astrochemistry, Chondrules
Host Institute ASIAA
photo of James Simpson Dr. Yen-Chen Pan
EACOA Postdoc (Sep. 2018~Aug. 2020)
SpecialitySupernova, Transient Surveys
Host Institute NAOJ
Dr. Tie Liu
EACOA Postdoc (Jun. 2017~Aug. 2019)
Speciality Star Formation, Interstellar Medium
Host Institute KASI, NAOC
photo of James Simpson Dr. James Simpson
EACOA Postdoc (Feb. 2017~May 2019)
Speciality High Redshift Star Forming Galaxy, Submillimeter Surveys
Host Institute ASIAA, NAOJ
photo of Yasuhiro Hasegawa Dr. Yasuhiro Hasegawa
EACOA Postdoc (Sep. 2012~Aug. 2015)
Speciality Theoretical Astrophysics; Planet formation, Protoplanetary disks
Host Institute ASIAA, NAOJ
photo of Daeseong Park Daeseong Park
EACOA Postdoc (Sep. 2014~Aug, 2017)
Speciality Supermassive Black Holes, Active Galactic Nuclei, BH-galaxy co-evolution
Host Institute NAOC, KASI
photo of Quang Nguyen Luong Quang Nguyen Luong
EACOA Postdoc (Sep. 2014~Aug, 2017)
Speciality Observations of massive star formation, FIR-submm surveys of molecular clouds
Host Institute NAOJ, KASI
photo of Hyosun Kim Dr. Hyosun Kim
EACOA Postdoc (Dec. 2013~Sep. 2017)
SpecialityTheoretical and Numerical Astrophysics; Hydrodynamics
Host Institute KASI, ASIAA
photo of Xiaohu Li Dr. Xiaohu Li
EACOA Postdoc (June. 2015~Jun. 2018)
SpecialityMolecules in Evolved Stars (Simulations & Observations); Atomic and Molecular reactions; Nitrogen Chemistry
Host Institute NAOC, ASIAA
photo of Kenneth Wong Dr. Kenneth Wong
EACOA Postdoc (Sep. 2013~Aug. 2018)
Speciality Gravitational lensing; Cosmology
Host Institute ASIAA, NAOJ
photo of Ken Chen Dr. Ken Chen
EACOA Postdoc (Sep. 2015~Aug. 2018)
Speciality Computational Astrophysics, Supernova Modeling, Nuclear Astrophysics, Cosmology, Astronomical Instrumentation, and Cosmic Microwave Background
Host Institute NAOJ, ASIAA
photo of Andreas Schulze Dr. Andreas Schulze
EACOA Postdoc (Sep. 2016~Sep. 2018)
Speciality Active Galactic Nuclei, Black Hole-Galaxy Co-evolution, Surveys
Host Institute NAOJ
Past EAO Fellows
photo of Xue-Jian Jiang Dr. Xue-Jian Jiang
EAO Postdoc (Nov. 2019~Sep. 2022)
Speciality Nearby star-forming galaxies, Submillimeter molecular gas
Host Institute EAO
photo of Alexandra Tetarenko Dr. Alexandra Tetarenko
EAO Postdoc (Sep. 2018~Aug. 2021)
Speciality X-ray binary, blackhole
Host Institute EAO

Research Highlights

Research Highlights
A resampled distribution of planet systems around evolved stars
(Teng et al. 2023)
Research Highlights
A new transverse space velocity distribution of millisecond pulsars
(Ding et al. 2023)
Research Highlights
Volume-rendering of simulations of a starforming giant molecular cloud destroyed by UV radiation feedback
(Jeong-Gyu Kim etc.)