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East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting 2006 (EAYAM 2006)
Time: February 13-18, 2006
Place: Kiyosato, Nagano, Japan

First Announcement

Dear colleage,

In Nov. 2003, Taiwanese young astronomers organized East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting 2003 (EAYAM 2003), and it was a great success. In Oct. 2004, 6th East Asia Meeting for Astronomy (EAMA6) has settled a working group for EAYAM, and this working group encourages young astronomers to have EAYAM every 2-3 years so that all the PhD course students have a chance to attend it at least once during their course.

Here, we are pleased to announce that the East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting 2006 (hereafter, EAYAM 2006) will be held in Kiyosato, Nagano, Japan from 13-18 Feb. 2006. The main topic of the invited reviews is ``Comprehensive Understanding of Star Formation and its Evolution'', and it is mainly divided into following three categories:

  1. Star Formation and Radio Astronomy,
  2. Evolution of Stars and Optical / Infrared Astronomy,
  3. Final Stage of Stellar Evolution and High Energy Astrophysics.

The contributed talks, however, are not limited to these topics.

This meeting is organized by Japanese young astronomers, and invites young astronomers in four of the EAMA core regions, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. We also certainly welcome contributions from young astronomers who are originally from one of these regions and are currently engaged in research activities abroad. The aim of the meeting is to encourage the interaction among young astronomers of neighboring regions, and thus, to provide an opportunity for future international collaborations. All the participants are expected to give both oral and poster presentation in order to stimulate discussions and interactions.

The number of participants from each region will be approximately 12. Postdocs and graduate students are encouraged to participate. We will provide meals and accommodations during the meeting and transportation between Tokyo and Kiyosato. Due to the limited budget, we cannot cover your travel expense between your home institute and Tokyo.

To register and submit an abstract, please visit following website:

The deadline of the abstract submission is 30 September 2005. If you have any question on EAYAM 2006, please contact to

This meeting is supported by National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, RIKEN, Inoue Science Foundation, Foundation for Promotion of Astronomy, and individual astronomers in Japan.

Scientific Organizing Committee

Local Organizing Committee