China Astronomical Site Survey
EACOA Site Survey Workshop
Time: April 3-4, 2012
Place: NAOC A601 Meeting Room, Beijing, China

Announcement: Meeting Purpose

Looking for a good astronomical site in China and thus serves as a regional common observing base has been a long-term driven force of EACOA. Therefore, NAOC, together with many joining efforts from the observatory and university groups in Japan and Taiwan region have been formally engaging in site survey activities for almost 8 years since 2004.

During the 5th EACOA Executive Meeting (Kyoto, Japan, November 8, 2011), participants showed common interests as well as concerns in the ongoing site survey activities, conducted by the site-test teams, in the remote west part of China. EACOA directors reached a consensus that a review and evaluation meeting are urgently needed among regional excepts, aiming to update EACOA authoritarians on relevant site survey progress, particularly focus on the site-testing metrology, instrumentations, procedures and data analysis performed on the candidate site at Ali, Tibet. Which, therefore, will help to recognize any coherence efforts on further activities among regional institutes. EACOA secretariat staff thus formed a working group to take the organization responsibility.

Registration and Reception

3:00-6:00pm, April 2nd, Seminar Room A408, NAOC
8:30-9:00am, April 3rd, Seminar Room A601, NAOC
Reception Dinner
6:00 pm, April 2nd, Campus Restaurant (园区奥北餐厅)