EACOA 2009 Meeting
Time: March 16-18, 2009
Place: ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan


Mon, 16 March (Rm 104)
13.35 Welcome Paul Ho (ASIAA)
13:40 Regional Report - S. Korea Seok-Jae Park
14:25 Regional Report - Japan Shoken Miyama
15:10 Regional Report - China Gang Zhao
15:55 Coffee Break
16:15 Regional Report - Taiwan Paul Ho (ASIAA)
17:00 Taiwan University Report - LeCosPA Pisin Chen (NTU)
17:30 Taiwan University Report - An Aura organization for astronomy in Taiwan? Wing-Huen Ip (NCU)
18:00 Taiwan University Report - From radio waves to gamma rays - astronomy at NTHU Hsiang-Kuang Chang (NTHU)
19:15 Banquet (EACOA representatives, speakers, and ASIAA faculty)
Tue, 17 March (Rm 104)
09:00 Taiwan University Report - Pann-Starrs and Lulin 2-m telescope Wen-Ping Chen (NCU)
09:30 Project Report - Thirty Meter Telescope Masanori Iye (NAOJ)
10:10 Project Report - AMiBA: Now and Future Proty Wu (NTU)
10:30 Project Report - Hyper-SuprimeCam Sciences at ASIAA Lihwai Lin (ASIAA)
10:50 Coffe Break
11:10 Project Report - An Introduction to the Yunnan Observatory Zhanwen Han (YNAO)
11:50 Project Report - Shanghai 65-m radio telescope project Xiaoyu Hong (SHAO)
12:30 Project Report - The Superconducting Spectroscopy Array Receiver and Large-Scale Survey in Millimeter-Wave Lines Yang-Ji (PMO)
13:10 Lunch
14:40 Executive Session (Conference Room 716)
  • Report: EAYAM 2008, and next EAYAM
  • Report: EAMA 2007, and next EAMA
  • Report: International year of Astronomy 2009
  • Report: IAU Strategic Plan
  • EACOA Objectives
  • EACOA Strategic plans (e.g., Promoting astronomy in east-asia, promoting women in astronomy, exchange programs (students, postdocs, faculty), "Open" telescope time in east asia, project collaborative opportunities).
  • EACOA Priority areas
  • EACOA fund
  • EACOA Working groups
  • EACOA Action plans
18:30 Catered banquet at ASIAA, 7th floor  
Wed, 18 March (Rm 716)
09:00 Project Report - Hyper-Suprime-Cam for Subaru Telescope Hiroshi Karoji (NAOJ)
09:30 Toward the construction of an Extended Asian network for the Solar system body observation Fumi Yoshida
09:45 Executive session  
10:30 End of meeting